Project Details

DATE: 2016

Spokehaüs is a fitness studio and retail space located in the in the downtown core of Toronto. This was a complete start-to-finish project, involving location sourcing/consulting and working with the client to accommodate a long list of required amenities to help them realise their vision while at the same time complying with city and condo building codes.

The space offered many challenges unique challenges, starting with its relatively small space and being situated at the ground level of a residential condo building. Unique mechanical equipment – needed to keep the space cool and fresh for the spin classes running each day – and accessible, well laid out washrooms needed to be worked into the plan; all while being mindful of the low-ceiling parking garage directly underneath. Extensive sound-engineering and unique architectural details were required to ensure tenants living above and beside the space would not be disturbed by the enormous state-of-the-art sound system.

In addition to the above, the space includes custom lockers for guests to store their gear, as well as a retail space which is accentuated by a bright main lobby. The soaring ceilings are sprayed black and complimented by bright LED lighting throughout. Finally, men’s and women’s fully-equipped bathrooms allow class participants to freshen up post-workout… all this within a roughly 2500 square foot space!

Featured in numerous blogs and local publications throughout Toronto, this was one of our favourite and most unique projects.